Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate 

R43 Bot River Lagoon, Hermanus

Benguela Cove is one of those places that you drive past on the way to Hermanus, and say to yourself:  "I really should stop here one day".  I've been saying that for ages, until the day I decided that today was the day to visit Benguela Cove Lagoon Wine Estate.  (As a side note:  since my first visit, i've been back three times!) 

 This estate has something for everyone.  You can enjoy an amazing High Tea experience at The Tea Terrace,  a cruise on the Lady Bonnie pontoon boat, wine tasting, pairings, lunch at Moody Lagoon, and even blend your own wine.  

The sculpture collection all around you on the grounds is breathtaking, and Benguela Cove is tastefully designed and an absolute delight to visit.

The owner of Benguela Cove is Penny Streeter (OBE), who is also the benefactor for the Hermanus NIght Shelter.
Penny is such a lovely person, and stops by for a casual chat to everyone.

Gorgeous outside area with live music

Incredible sculptures throughout Benguela Cove

Super informative wine tasting with Jaco

Bacon, apple and beer-braised mussels served with fresh ciabatta 

Vanilla cheesecake and strawberry sorbet

Selection of homemade sorbets

My friends and I started the day off with a cruise on the lagoon on The Lady Bonnie Pontoon.  Armed with a few bottles of Sauvignon Blanc, we enjoyed a leisurely 45 minute boat ride around the lagoon.

We then went on to the most informative Wine tasting I've ever experienced,  with Jaco.

After the wine tasting, it was time for lunch, so we moved over to the Moody Lagoon Restaurant.  The restaurant boasts the most amazing views.  I ordered the bacon, apple and beer-braised mussels (which had been recommended by a friend), and they were absolutely delicious.  My friends ordered burgers and the line fish of the day, which they say were really good.  A trio of homemade sorbets finished the meal off perfectly.  The menu was very reasonably priced, and needless to say, the wine was excellent!

My experience at Benguela Cove was a really memorable one and I had such a great day.  It was such a pleasure reviewing it for my food and wine blog in Cape Town.  

Telephone number: +27 21 944 1041  
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