La Bourgogne Farm 

Excelsior Road, Franschhoek

You will find La Bourgogne farm and riverside cottages in the stunning town of Franschhoek in the Western Cape. 

 I have visited Franschhoek on several occasions, however this was my first trip to this hidden gem that is La Bourgogne, therefore I was super excited to review it for my food and wine blog in Cape Town.

This beautiful farm offers an indoor and outdoor restaurant which includes wine tasting as well as a delicious menu, and six riverside cottages.  It comes complete with a river running through the property.

The gorgeous cottages are self catering and equipped for all your needs.  It was not surprising to learn that this accommodation won three Afristay awards in 2018.

Gorgeous guest cottages

Informal tasting area / restaurant

Delicious menu

River running through the property

Outside at the wine tasting area / restaurant

We sat inside the restaurant as it was a cold wintery day, although there were patio heaters in the undercover outside area.

Wine tasting was first on the menu.  I opted for the La Bourgogne Tasting at a very reasonable R60.00.  The wines included the GML Viognier 2018 · Family Reserve White 2017 · La Bourgogne Red 2017 · Malbec 2017 · Syrah 2017.  Every single one of them was excellent, however the GML Viognier stood out for me and I couldn't resist picking up a couple of cases of it on my way out.  The Viognier sells at a ridiculously low price of only R60.00 a bottle, even though only 3260 bottles were produced.

For lunch I ordered a salad which contained chinese noodles and the tenderest of beef.  My friend ordered the chicken mayo wrap - which I tasted and oh my word - it was the best wrap I have ever tasted.  I vowed to order that on my next visit :)

My experience at La Bourgogne was a really great one and I really enjoyed reviewing it for my food and wine blog in Cape Town.  This was my first visit to this stunning farm, but definitely not my last!

Telephone number: +27 21 876 3245 (Wine Tasting) | +27 21 876 3245 (Restaurant)
Email address :
Website :

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